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A unique machine safety handbook

Axelent Safety Book guides the reader through the veritable jungle of laws, regulations, EU directives and requirements. The book also takes up the certifications and labels that are important to look out for.

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The art of talking to machines

Axelent invested in automation early days, but our success is not down to machinery alone.

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Axelent wishes you all a warm and lovely summer!

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X-Guard Plastic and Sheet Metal

Axelent can offer X-Guard in fully fitted sheet metal and plastic panels in a variety of dimensions and materials. Some environments require more comprehensive protection in the shape of seethrough plastic walls or sheet metal covered walls.

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Worldwide news

Axelent exhibitions and events worldwide.

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Elmia Automation – X-Guard loves robots

Elmia Automation, Sweden's leading automation fair, beat the visitor record on the 10th to the 13th of May. The Fanuc stand was very popular and had plenty of photographs taken. The yellow Fanuc robots demonstrated a range of applications behind mesh walls from Axelent.

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Lindsténs El – X-Tray makes light work

We humans researched into electricity as far back as 2,000 years ago. The first practical use of electricity came in 1837 when Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell launched the telephone and two years later Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. Electrical inroads have come thick and fast since then, making us more or less dependent on electrical power.

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NCC Norsborg – A mountain of possibilities

Deep in the rock under Norsborg in southern in Stockholm, a tube train depot is slowly taking shape. The new garage will comprise of three tunnel sidings blasted in the rock. The trains gain access via a 320-metre long concrete tunnel with a workshop above. Axelent’s task has been to secure the area around the trains’ lifting devices.

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Smarter technology with X-Guard

Pallets are transported on powered rollers and accumulate automatically without touching, ensuring loads are not damaged and no shunting can occur. Being powered, the system is safer than a gravity system and generally requires less space.

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Liljas Plast AB – a revolutionary in the plastics industry

Over the years plastic material has continued to fascinate us people and it never stops being developed. Liljas Plast AB usually say that plastic is a material that never stops making inroads.

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